In-Person Training Event October 7th-9th (Reno, NV)

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Imagine having the confidence and skills to help others in a deep and impactful way

Are you ready to unlock and reconnect with your deeper purpose?

Look no further, you are on the door-step of a new reality. 


The need for healing, trauma informed, somatic experienced facilitators is in high demand. 


There isn't a shortage of people needing credible help right now - there's a shortage of trained facilitators to help them. 


The Bodhi Breathwork Method is a powerful healing modality that can bring individuals immediate relief and healing. 



Hi! I’m Troy, I help people rediscover their own magnificence with my Breathwork and coaching method.

Now I'm sharing my system with you. 


More about Troy

An All-Inclusive Training Experience


Learn highly effective breathing, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing), Polarity Therapy Techniques and Hands-On Tapping and Somatic Techniques. 

Session Structure

Learn how to structure sessions from start to finish, for a variety of in-person modalities, as well as how to conduct effective online sessions for those whom prefer to work from home.  

Business and Marketing 

You can't experience the power of your new practice, if you don't have the business tools to support you. You'll learn valuable marketing, and business insights to help you enhance your existing practice or develop your new one.

"Working with Troy has been incredible for me individually, as well as for my practice." 

Tyra M., Licensed Family Therapist


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  • Gain a deep understanding about trauma and how it impacts the life journey
  • Learn about nervous system regulation and healing practices to support it
  • Become proficient with your understanding of Breathwork
  • Learn how to effectively use NLP Techniques to create lasting change with your clients
  • Hands-on Somatic Techniques to awaken the energy within the body
  • Learn a variety of Breathwork modalities to create a stand-a-lone business or to enhance your existing practice
  • Proven strategies to conduct online session from home
  • Hands-on practice to ensure your competency as a Breathwork facilitator
  • Highly effective intake and integration process to support your clients from start to finish 
  • Learn how to "hold space" in one-on-one sessions and large groups

Experience Your Own Personal Transformation

The 3-Day Training event will bring you your own deep and lasting transformative experience, as you will not only be practicing a variety of Breathwork techniques, you will also experience them. 

Beyond that, becoming a Bodhi Breathwork facilitator has the potential to skyrocket your own purpose in life. 

Early Bird Pricing for the first 10 sign-ups

Space will be extremely limited for this in-person event. I am giving a $700 discount to the first 10 people who enroll in this hands-on course. After the initial 10 spots are taken, the price will increase to $2,200 - enroll now! 

Paid in Full


October 7th-9th

  • A Beautiful Certification to Showcase Your New Skills
  • Experience Your Own Transformation
  • Hands-on Techniques
  • High-Level Business and Marketing Coaching
  • Get Paid to do What You Love
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October 7th-9th

  • A Beautiful Certification to Showcase Your New Skills
  • Experience Your Own Transformation
  • Hands-on Techniques
  • High-Level Business and Marketing Coaching
  • Get Paid to do What You Love
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Jake Dalton

2x Olympian & 4x World Medalist

I really appreciate the work Troy did with me. I didn’t know what to expect and I got more than I thought I ever could. Everyone has things they deal with and they’re not always certain how to deal with them. Working with Troy opened my eyes in a way I have never thought about before. I would certainly recommend this for everyone out there. 

Rachel Dardano

Owner, Internal Wisdom

Troy offers a profound healing experience. He intuitively guides you through what you need to be able to release and process, which allows us to gain inner peace. I always feel refreshed, lighter, more connected and present within myself when working with Troy.

Ryan Simpson, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Thank you my brother Troy for creating a safe space to grow and heal. Troy's Breathwork experience is an avenue to process trauma and pain by listening and returning to the body. In turn, we are called back to the home within ourselves.  

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